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Insurance for Vacation Rentals

Short-term vacation rentals are becoming increasingly popular —
for homeowners and landlords as a way to earn extra income, and
for travelers as alternatives to hotels.

But this growing industry leaves renters, homeowners, and travelers
alike with more questions than answers about insurance.

To get the proper coverage, you need an independent insurance agent
that understands the risks involved.

See what Proper Insurance® looks like
with a no obligation custom quote.

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Do I Need A Special Vacation Rental Insurance Policy For My Property?

Most vacation rental owners carry either a homeowners or landlord insurance policy, both of which have significant coverage gaps.

A homeowners insurance policy is designed for an owner-occupied property. Coverage issues for short-term rentals often involve a business liability exclusion and limited personal property coverage.

A landlord policy is designed to be tenant-occupied. Coverage issues often involve limited coverage for personal property and usually actual cash value (depreciation) building(s) or contents.

Vacation rentals typically have multiple uses throughout the year, mostly being occupied by paying short-term rental guests, but also at times being enjoyed by the owner, or even unoccupied.

You need a vacation rental insurance policy that addresses all four occupancy types – commercial, personal, tenant, and unoccupied.

Proper Insurance® offers all that, and more!

One Policy That Covers All Uses Of Your Vacation Rental

  • Commercial Package Policy: coverage for building(s), contents, liability, & income.
  • Building(s): Special form (all-risk) coverage with replacement cost valuation.
  • Contents: Special form (all-risk) coverage with replacement cost valuation.
  • Commercial General Liability: $1/$2,000,000 of coverage, which extends off-premises.
  • Business Income: actual loss sustained with no time limit.
  • Extended Liability: to include swimming pools, hot tubs, rec. areas, docks, pets, bicycles, small watercraft, fishing, & more.
  • No Standard Occupancy Restrictions: Custom-penned for unique risks of vacation rentals.

Policy Highlights: Insurance for Short-Term Vacation Rental Owners

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Best-in-Class Coverage

By offering trademarked endorsements no other short-term rental
carrier’s offers, Proper Insurance® prides itself in having the market’s
most comprehensive short-term vacation rental insurance program.
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